Q. Hi there, i stumbled upon your site and it has got me really interested in building a cab for the house, i build pcs but dont know much about mame apart from a few games i downloaded but couldn't get my control pad to work correctly (maybe a dodgy version) could you give me some info - where to buy j-pac etc. i have a spare 2gig athlon pc with 40gig hd 512mbddr ram sound and grafix on board dvd rom and a 17"monitor, would this be suitable and what else would i need?

A. I will be happy to help in any way I can, It's good that you know about building computer systemís as you will have a better understanding of computer hardware and software configuration.

To start with I will explain what I found out about M.A.M.E and why I chose the system I use now.

Its best to ask yourself what emulator environment you would like to use DOS or windows. There are two versions of MAME "DMAME", for DOS and "MAME32", for Windows and also different issues e.g. DMAME 079b that was made Jan this year and DMAME 085b that will be out soon. The MAME team buy the original logic game boards so they can download the ROM info and save it in a zip file that the MAME.exe can decode and emulate exact E.G Mame emulates the original game boards processor memory Video memory and DACís plus sound.

So after taking this info its easy to make a decision on what you want to do next, Mame 079b will emulate games ranging from 1970 to 2000 so your AMD 2ghz computer is well up in the spec because most arcade games upto 2000 only used at best a max of 26mhz processor and at the lower end E.G 1973 the processor speeds were only Hz not Mhz.

So what I decided was I only wanted to emulate up to 2000 because that was plenty of games that included all the classic games like star wars, pacman etc plus some real good graphic games up to 2000, this was a total of 4700 games

Mame also emulates CHDís (copy of hard drive, games) these games are from 97 onwards to 2004 and consist of a processor card and a hard drive with the game firmware and software data installed on it, Itís the CHDís that require a spec at minimum of 2ghz to 3Ghz AMD because these files are 650Mb and bigger so your spec would be good for this however some CHD games will suffer from a slow frame rate if you are using a processor smaller than 3Ghz, An ideal spec would be an INTEL 3Ghz running a bus frequency of 800Mhz.

But Mame does not like onboard AC97 audio chipset's, MAME started in 1997 when most soundcards were ISA and the SOUND BLASTER ISA was written into the first issue, since 1997 there have only been another 5 soundcards written into the software. My bootable CD supports any SB ISA card and SB128 PCI card but with the SB128 PCI card I had problems with it so I ended up using the SB64 ISA that you can Buy of ebay, that leads us to a problem, there are very few if any 2ghz motherboards with ISA ports an most of them are industrial pc specs.

I ended up using a GA-71xe4 Mother board that supports up to 1ghz AMD Athlon T bird, this board has 2 ISA ports, and the AMD chipset that is very compatible with ULTIMARCís dedicated AGP arcade VGA card that has all the arcade game resolutions programmed into it, IF you chose to use a DOS environment you donít need special drivers and there is no configuring to do you just plug and play.

I was told that the ARCADE VGA card has conflicts with motherboards that have VIA chipset's and older boards that donít support AGP ports in DOS.

The main reason why I ended up using a 15hz Arcade Monitor is because the original games ran on them and the games look great, and much better than a pc monitor because a pc monitor has more scan lines (higher Resolution) so the games donít look so good unless you use the scanline and stretch options in the "MAME.CFG".

The J-Pac and the ArcadeVGA card are a perfect mach because there are no drivers and no special programming to do, it is just plug and play, with my Arcade Cabinet I removed the Jamma power supply and wiring so no damage was made to the J-Pac if it was plugged in the wrong way because some Jamma loom plugs have no ident pin, but it is easy to find out the correct way because all the negative 0volt wires are at one end and their are instructions for the J-PAC.

You can buy the J-PAC and ArcadeVGA from http://www.ultimarc.com

The software on my website is all ready to go and run with the following:-

AMD Athlon, 256mb pc100, 20Gb HDD, Ultimarc ArcadeVGA, J-Pac set to Mame - 15khz (default jumper settings), Sound Blaster 64 ISA, Sound Blaster 128 PCI, DVD Rom drive

Q. What have users said about my installation CD:

A1. 23/8/07 Hi Daz
I have tried your boot disc and WOW! Its brilliant! Thanks very much for making such
an easy MAME installation! I've been testing it with some of my favourite arcade
games and its running very nicely. I've tried a few other bootable/easy install MAME
programs but yours is the easiest to set up and most versatile with settings and
importing roms/art/samples. It seems like you have thought of everything! I will be
using it in my Arcade Project... Really good work, cheers!
Kind Regards

A2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiqWc1iKU2A

A3. http://www.gamesreviews.net/archive801-2005-3-246608.html

Just in case someone does ever read this post again ;-) I managed to resolve all my issues.....

I installed an ATI Radeon 9200 which solved a lot of the issues, but in the
end I broke down and bought an Arcadevga card from

It's a little bit pricey, but well worth it! After I installed this card,
the only other issues I had with it was it conflicted with my PCI SBLIVE!
card (on my Intel Motherboard) however PCI 128 and SB16 ISA worked great
with it.

Also every game I've tried so far has worked unlike when I was using the
Radeon 9200.

Oh and for an install CD

This guy updates his Mame Install CD on a regular bases (you can download
the ISO from him) and he's answered all my emails regarding tech support

This CD I personally found much better than Fraggal's CD or Omnicade ! (and
it has the latest MAME and Arcadeos (last updated Feb 2005)


A4. http://www.gamesreviews.net/archive801-2005-3-247288.html

Ok I tried Omnicade and yes as you suggested it has a lot more options!
However, when you exit out I was stuck with a Spanish keyboard layout LOL
which took me a little while to work around, and also some of the menu's
also came up in Spanish even though I choose English.

Looking around though I've found yet another ISO
http://www.arcade-emulator.co.uk/ by a guy called Darren Phillips. His
website is full of tips too such as how to wire your computer so it boots up
with the cabinet rather than having to wire separate buttons etc.

Not tried the ISO yet, but it looks very up to date! (Dmame 091b and
ArcadeOS 2.52 used for core system software. hiscore.dat v91 used)


Q. I downloaded your bootable setup cd iso, how do you make the boot CD with the iso file,many thanks =)

A. Use "MameOS.iso", with Roxio Creator Classic 6 (or any writer software that supports ".ISO" files) to make a bootable setup C.D. for installing mame O/S. Unzip the file and double click on the "MameOS.iso", file and it should open your writer software:- Do the drive image write at a slow speed (16X) and disk at once. After your disk is made, set your arcade p.c   B.I.O.S. settings to the following:-

PRI Master = Hard Drive
Sec Master = CD Rom Drive
Floppy Drive A and B = Not Installed

1st Boot Device = CDROM
2st Boot Device = IDE0

3st Boot Device = Not Installed
Try Other Boot Device = NO
Floppy Drive Seek = Disabled

F10 to exit and save

This should reset your mame pc, Now place your new bootable cd in the CDrom drive.
Follow the on screen set-up instructions from your new set-up CD ROM
After installation is complete, Reset P.C

WARNING! This disc can "DESTROY" data and is without any warranty. It has options within that can
format drives. BE CAREFUL if you have any other drives installed in 
your machine that contain data "only recommended for a arcade machine PC".

Q. 15-12-2007 I downloaded your ISO and thought I would email you with an issue that I had. I have not been able to get it to work due to an issue with the CD-ROM driver that attempts to load at start-up. I see that it is a TEAC driver, one that I have not seen before. For whatever reason, the CD-ROM drive that I have in that PC doesnít like the driver, and won't boot after the driver is attempted to be loaded in config.sys. I used the shirt-F8 option and skipped this step, and it will boot fine then. Of course I can't access the portion of the CD that contains the binary files needed for install though. I don't know if you have ever seen it before, but oakcdrom.sys seems to be compatible with every CD-ROM that I have ever had before, it might be something to try it instead? I think I am just going to try swapping the CD-ROM out with another that I have and see if it will work that way, but there is nothing wrong with that CD-ROM, I previously used it to install windows 2000 and various other apps on that same machine with no ill effects. Thank you for taking the time to make this distribution.


A. I have had some issues with the Teac driver so i have changed the driver to the Oakcdrom.sys. Thanks to everyone who pointed this issue out. Version 15-12-07 will be using the Oak CD-ROM driver.

Q. 11-07-2007 Thanks mate on a great install CD!  Easiest install I have ever  had  with MAME. Now to the problems I am having. I can't for the life of me seem  to  disable Frameskip , I edited the MAME.CFG file in DOS and when  the PC  reboots it always changes it back ( infact everything I change in the  MAME.CFG under DOS reverts back to default on  Reboot)?? but when  changed in the Arcadeos menu it seems to  handle it ( No frameskip  disable in Arcadeos) Also when I exit a game it gives me an error ( no message )and I  just  hit 2 (2 player) and back to the ArcadeOS menu it goes.

A. Hi, Thank you for your kind words on me boot cd. This is my fault and i need to update my Install ReadME and FAQ.

I found a bug with ArcadeOS a long time ago, it was to do with  games running at different resolutions, e.g. if a game was loaded  using (Auto Resolution) and it selected 240 * 240 for that game  when you exited back to ArcadeOS then ran another game the game  would run at 240 * 240 instead of 800 * 600 and the Auto Resolution  would be stuck on 240 * 240 until you change it back to Auto, so  my fix was to setup a default folder on C Drive (C:\Default) this  folder is where the default "mame.CFG" file is installed when you  installed the operating system from my CD, The clever but annoying  part :-)

In the Autoexec.bat on C drive you will see a command line that  copy's the default mame.cfg from the default folder into the mame  directory "XCOPY32 C:\Default\mame.cfg C:\MAME /E > Nul", all you  have to do is delete this command line, but the ArcadeOS bug will  return on occasions. or you could save your changes in ArcadeOS  then using the menu in ArcadeOS "exit to dos shell" and type  "XCOPY32 C:\mame\mame.cfg C:\Default /E", (yes to over write) this  will copy your new settings to the default folder.

If you do copy your edited mame.cfg to the default folder there  will be no need to delete the command line from the Autoexec.bat  "XCOPY32 C:\Default\mame.cfg C:\MAME /E > Nul", and the bug in  ArcadeOS will never be an issue for you :-)

Error Box with no text. The blank error message could be down to the SIS 6326 VGA card, i have noticed that some SIS chip sets produce this type of error, and about a hand full of games produce this error using ArcadeOS, try another VGA card if you can.  

Q. I know nothing about electronics and i have no idea about PC hardware or software, Do you think i would be able to make a MAME arcade machine?

A. You don't have to know anything about electronics or have any idea of how a PC works, This site should guide you through the steps and give you a better understanding, The Bootable installation CD is a no frills way to get your cab up and running without having to start from scratch.

Q. How do you use ArcadeOS?

A. To run a game, Highlight the game using the joystick and press player 1 button to run the game. When a game is running you can hold down player 1 button and use player 1 joystick to access MAME menus, e.g volume and dip switches. To exit the game hold down player 1 button and then press player 2 button.

Q. How do you connect the PCs video output to the arcade cabinet's monitor ?

A. This is done using the J-PAC interface from Ultimarc. The J-Pac plugs into the JAMMA loom and the VGA card plugs into the J-Pac.

Q. Does your boot disk work with all makes of VGA cards  and Arcade monitors?

A. No - in theory it should, but these days the VGA 'registers' are not really registers at all; and are implemented in software. So , reprogramming them may not produce the expected results, Using advanceMAME is better if you are using a standard VGA card with an arcade monitor. Its best to use my Bootable installation CD with the ArcadeVGA card From Ultimarc.

Q. How do you wire in the controls to the PC?

A. Use J-Pac from Ultimarc, The J-Pac plugs into the JAMMA loom and into the PC using the PS2 port.

Q. What about running other emulators or games, Can i run any other emulator using your installation CD?

A. ArcadeOS runs off config files which allow you to define the application(s) it is going to run, the files the application supports and the items which can be configured for it. ArcadeOS can be made to frontend just about any DOS app that can be made to run in VGA mode 13h (320x200 256 colours), However my bootable installation system is not set-up to support other emulators.

Q. Hi I have been using your disk for awhile recently I had to update arcadeos to 2.52 and mame to .088. I have a problem where a few of the games come up small and others come up full size I have a 25 inch arcade monitor set to 15 hz and using a rage IIc on a compaq computer any help would be appreciated.

A. This is down to bugs in this version of MAME, please check http://www.mametesters.org/currentbugs.htm, Also try Config game in ArcadeOS and select a different resolution for the game that is small on the monitor.

Q. Had my cab today and am now confronted with a load of wires and so forth that don't really mean a lot to me at the moment.

A. Looks like all you need to do is remove the jamma power supply, its not important you can leave the PSU in. All it's did, was power up the game logic PCB and in a mame cab it serves no purpose unless in future you want to use jamma boards inside. Most people remove them to avoid damage to the J-pac, Damage can only be done if the j-pac is inserted in to the jamma loom edge connector the wrong way round.

Q. From your site I can see how you're powering up the MAME PC with the PSU. Is the monitor running off the PC PSU or are you running it off the cabs original PSU?, If the former how are they interfaced?

A. The monitor and the PC PSU are totally separate from each other. The monitor powers up directly from the 240v ac supply, what i did was trace the three wires back to the monitor and put a 3pin 13a plug on them.

look at the back of the monitor and you should see that there is a white plug with brown, green and blue wires, these are the monitors 240v ac supply. The monitors have switch mode power supplies built into them so they can plug direct onto 240vac supply.

The sockets you see on the back of the monitor are:

Socket 1. 240v ac power supply.

Socket 2. RGB, red blue green signal and vertical/horizontal sync input from the arcade jamma logic board or J-Pac interface.

Socket 3. the bigger plug goes to a board that controls vertical/horizontal, picture size, contrast and brightness.

so what we have is :-

240v ac for the monitor, PC PSU and sound amp.

The J-pac powers up off the PC's keyboard port. Ps/2 port

The PC VGA card plugs into the J-pac

J-pac into the jamma loom where all the keyboard signals go to the front panel and the R.G.B sync signals go to the monitor

Q. The boot disk's default settings result in my monitor complaining about an out of range resolution. Which file should I edit to change the resolution that ArcadeOs tries to start at?  I've not yet successfully started ArcadeOS, it always drops me back to the ROM loading/dos interface.

A. At the dos prompt C:>  Type edit "C:>edit" Then press "Alt" key on the keyboard (this should highlight "File"), cursor key down to highlight "open", press enter on open , cursor key down to autoexec.bat ( so its highlighted black), cursor key right to arcadeos, cursor key down to highlight arcadeos, press enter, curser key left then down to "arcadeos .cfg" press enter, you should see the following:-

# ArcadeOS 2.52 Config File #

"#640x480 mode"

Change (640x480=0) to (640x480=1) so you should end up with

#640x480 mode

press "Alt" key on your keyboard to highlight "file" cursor down to and highlight "save as" press enter, on the highlighted "ARCADEOS.CFG" press enter, it should say "replace existing file?" ok will have a flashing line under, if so press enter

your done :-)) now press "Alt" key on your keyboard to highlight "file", cursor down to and highlight "Exit", press enter

At the dos prompt C:>  Type go "C:>go"

ArcadeOS should now run in 640x480 resolution

Q. You wouldn't happen to know were I could find an ISO of all the ROMS out there. That would be great!!

A. Hello, Sorry but i have no idea where you can find roms in an .iso file. And i have no idea where you can get the roms or chd's from sorry.

Q. I tried to use your Bootable setup CD v91. 8-02-05, but after installation, computer is freezing and sound freezing too, when this appear (after mame logo), Photo snapshot of game, my PC spec is:

P3 700
512Mo SDR
Geforce 2mx with Tv-out ( starting and using on TV )
Sound blaster PCI
8Go Hard drive

so i tried to use " Fraggal's Mame Installer CD  ( http://www.mame.how.to/ ) It's working like your project, and freezing too.... So i tried to install it without Sound card driver installation.... And it work. So, i'll change my sound card fo a ISA SB, and i'll tell you if d'ont work too.

A. This fault is to do with the soundcard irq address, sounds like your setup is not finding the correct irq port for mame, it will work fine for the logo video but not mame, if the sb isa sound card works try the sb 128 again, Exit arcadeos, At dos prompt "C:\>", type "CD DOSDRV", Then press enter. Now type "SBCFG", Then press enter. Jot down all that you see on the screen and type "edit" press ALT on keyboard curser down to open then find the autoexec.bat e.g, (SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P300 T6) Edit this line to work with your sb pci card

Q. First let me thank you for putting together a great package. Your sight is great and the iso are great. I am having a problem getting it to work. I have an Arcade machine and a pc connected with a j-pac. I installed on a fresh 20 gig with SB pci. It starts up but the keyboard seams to be mapped incomplete. I can't select any of the options in the control menu. I can't go up or down in that menu and there is no mouse. Your help would be greatly appreciated. As you are making boyhood dream and a long quest complete

A. Problem: No shift functions work. Or no control. First make sure your J-Pac jumper settings are set to MAME if so :

Part of the shift function design means that to avoid "stuck" keys, shift functions are disabled when any key is pressed. So loss of shift functions means you have a shorted or stuck switch. Problem is, which one?: In DOS type "COPY CON" to turn off the command prompt. With a keyboard plugged into the pass-through port, press CTRL-ALT-P (press and hold each key in this order). You will go into programming mode.

If the MAME/ALT jumper is set to MAME you will go right into test mode. If not, you will see a menu. Enter "T" for test mode. The offending stuck input(s) will be displayed on the screen.

There are no mouse drivers loaded in this software.

Thanks again for your response. It might have been a stuck key. It started to work shortly after I sent the email

Q. First off is, I used a disk called Fraggalís Install CD which is similar to the ISO you are offering with Advmame and Arcadeos, however by the looks of it you have much more up to date software so Iím going to test yours out in the next couple of days. But the first thing I had major issues with is the monitor setup. After trying various models Iíve settled for now on an ATI 9200 which seems to work pretty well for the most part, but there are still a number of games that just wonít seem to sync with the 15 KHz monitor. SoÖas you have suggested on your site Iíve ordered an Arcadevga card from Ultimarc. Does this card really work as well as I am hoping it will ? LOL

A. Arcadevga card from Ultimarc works very well on 15khz monitors and you will be very happy with your choice :-). Fraggalís Install CD is now years out of date :-), so i decided to make my own arcade operating system that is updated every time mame updates there dos version download, the screen snap shots and sound samples on my site are updated every 6 months because of time and cost :-).

Q. I have a number of old soundcards lying around, and I installed my old Soundblaster 16 ISA card. I had to reboot my computer afterwards and I got the configuration program on reboot. I tried running through it once, but it ends up trying to save itís system.ini file into windows, and Iím only using DOS. So I wiped the drive and reinstalled everything again, and this time when the SB Configuration program came up I just pressed F3 to exit. When I rebooted again and loaded into Arcadeos, I have sound (nice and loud too!) but when I choose a game and MAME loads up I just get silence. Is there a configuration file I need to change in Mame to make this card work do you know?.

A. Your Sound Blaster 16 ISA card will work with my software best thing to do is re-install my boot cd then restart your mame pc. To SET-UP MAME/ArcadeOS for any SOUND BLASTER ISA CARD:

*After installation Re-set the pc. A SB Diagnose program will run.  

Follow the steps using AUTO scan then at the end press F10 to save and exit, then enter again..

AT the part where it asks for a "C:\WINDOWS path", press ESCAPE.*  then enter

The diagnostic program will always ask for a "C:\WINDOWS path", the sound cards software is setup for dos or windows all you have to do is ignore the windows path :-)), it should setup ok.

Q. I'm trying to setup my first arcade cab and found your wonderful CD image (linked from, I think, arcadecontrols.com).  However I have one problem.  When I run a MAME game from ArcadeOS, I get a "not ready reading drive c:" message after a long delay.  If I run it from the DOS command line, it loads and runs fine.  This even applies to the three freeware ROMS you supply on the CD.  Any ideas?.

A. The error "not ready reading drive C:" sounds like corrupted sector on your hard drive that sometimes even scandisk can miss, did you use the fdisk program to delete and create new dos partitions?, have you got another hard drive you can use or borrow?, when you delete and create new dos partitions at the part when it askes to format drive C Format won't be able to do a quick format it will instruct you to do a full format.

Q. Hello. I want to start by thanking you and telling you that I love your website and appreciate the work you have done with the "Arcade MAME Machine" project. I have downloaded your Bootable Set-up CD v.9./08-02-05 and installed it on me on my computer. Every time I start the pc 2 different animated scenes play and then the pc shuts off. ArcadeOS does not start. I also tried to install the Bootable Set-up CD again choosing to not shut off the pc upon exiting ArcadeOS and after the 2 animated scenes the update.bat comes up.After that is finished you get a message to restart your pc. Then the whole thing happens again. ArcadeOS does not start and the update.bat starts again.  Did I do something wrong and can you help me?

A. Thank you for your kind words, the problem with arcadeos not starting up is down to the sound card, What sound card are you using?, what has happened is the irq on the operating system did not match up with your sound card that stops arcadeos running. Try resetting your B.I.O.S and re install the software. The sound card must be a SB 128 PCI, SB 16 or 64 isa sound card and in the installation you must select the correct sound card drivers for your sound card.

Thank you very much. That is a huge help. You have been the only person to get back to me with a problem that I have with free software. I am going to have to get another sound card and I will let you know how I make out.

Q. Sorry to bother you. I was wondering if there was an easy way to explain, in the programming, how you get the animated scene to play before ArcadeOS starts? Is it the command in the autoexec.bat that says "C:\Dos\MPEG.EXE -R1 C:\MPG\MAMELOGO.MPG"?

A. Yes that is the command line that runs the video.

Q. Great website and boot disk very good idea. I was wondering if you could help me with a problem i've been having. Got arcados (2.52) and dmame (0.91) installed and using with Hantarex arcade monitor. All works ok apart from most CAPCOM games. They tend to display really small in the middle of the screen. Tried stretch, altering resolution etc etc. I think the problem is with dmame because when I run a (capcom) game from the command line the same thing happens.

A. This looks like a bug with mame 91, I have noticed similar things myself from version upgrades of mame.

Q. Hi Ive installed your cd onto my jamma arcade machine, but cannot get the sound blaster to work. Its a SB PCI 128 any ideas

A. Ok down load my newer updated cd, reset your B.I.O.S by resetting default values or moving jumper setting near motherboard battery to clear cmos, turn off pc then move pci sound card to pci port 1, re install new software

Sorted now thanks for getting back anyway. The CD you produced is great an absolute god send, your time and effort is really appreciated.

Q. Do you know of any software that will automatically choose the best resolution for each game, I used to use Mamewah setup on win 95 and there where a couple of utilities that did just that and worked a treat, but don't work under arcadeos.

A. ArcadeOS Should select the nearest or correct resolution for each game.

Q. Just wanted to say thanks for the arcadeos boot disk. I was going to use MAMEWAH through windows, but wanted a more authentic feel. Your boot disk was an absolute godsend. I cannot get any sound through my PCI Sound Blaster. My motherboard has a built in sound card and I don't know how to disable that so that it uses the PCI?.

A. PCI sound problem, What you need to do is turn your PC off remove your PCI sound card than turn P.C. back on, when you see the B.I.O.S test screen memory test processor type etc press Del or F2 on keyboard to enter set-up, goto INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS - "SET ON BOARD SOUND TO DISABLE", press ESC once to get back to the main menu then press F10 to save changes "y" for yes then enter. turn your P.C. off again and install your sound Blaster PCI card into PCI slot 1. turn your P.C. back on and re install my boot CD. This should sort out the problem for the sound :-).

Q. Hi First of all may i congratulate you on what you have done for complete idiots like me when it comes to setting up a mame cab. Iíve built my cab but was scratching my head on how i could avoid running it in windows. When i found your ebay page today I was delighted. Now the cheeky bit. Ive followed the instructions to the letter and all seems well....HOWEVER........ after removing the CD and rebooting the machine at end of install My PC gets to Boot from CD  and just sits there. cant get the Arcade OS to load. Ive tried changing the BIOS option back to 1st boot device being hard drive - didnt work either. Any ideas?

A. Try completely resetting the BIOS by either removing the battery for a few seconds then re-insert battery, or move the jumper setting to clear cmos for a fiew seconds.

Q. Hi could you tell me if the frontend in your bootable setup supports a steering wheel and can the controls be configured from within the frontend as i know jack about compiling mame your setup seems to be the way to go many thanks.

A. ArcadeOS can be setup to support a steering wheel, all the configuration files are setup for you :-). All ready to run. All Ultimarc products are compatable with MAME and ArcadeOS. Thanks for your question.

Q. Hi sorry to be a pest but ive tried using 3 programs to make a bootable disk from the image iso and i keep getting wrong image format or critical errors do you have any ideas on what could be doing wrong the programs ive used are.......nero 6 , cdburnerxp pro 3 and cdrwin 6.

A. With Nero 6, open the program and cancel the wizard, goto the menu list at the top of the program, goto Recorder/Burn image, then select my MAMEOS.iso, next set to disk at once and finalise cd, do the recording at about 32x.

Q. Hi thanks for the quick response, i've tried and tried again with nero but when it comes to burning the iso to a bootable disk i keep getting a critical error message, is there no way if i donate to your site you could create a bootale cd for me and if possible could the snaps and samples be added to the disk before hand....this is driving me crazy thanks barrie...keep up the good work, Do i simply just copy the image iso to cd and it will be bootable or do i have to make the disk bootable when burning as this is where im getting errors using nero ans cd burner xp thanks.

A. You have to make the disk bootable when burning. The ".iso" or ".nrg", file is just the image of the cd so you have to use it with nero or ezcd6, what you do is double click the iso or nrg file and it will open your primary writer software ready to burn, I tested the iso / nrg file and it works ok here. Writer software im using is:

Roxio creator classic.        Version  13-01-2003.
Nero burning rom 6.SE.    Version  1995-2004.