I wanted to emulate the games as close to the originals as possible so using a windows GUI seemed a little daft to me I decided I would use a pure dos environment because of one simple rule "you would not wait for the original machines to shutdown :-) you would just switch it off".

ArcadeOS V2.50 would be my front end user menu interface because it is so easy to configure and mame 70b was used as the emulator.

How the project started.

The main idea to start with was just to emulate the old classic arcade game pacman that was done using a bootable CD on an old AMD k6 400 processor that I purchased of ebay and using a  jetway motherboard with ISA sb64 soundcard and onboard VGA, The game worked well but after playing Packman for days on end I got a little board so the next phase was born as I came across a small piece of software called MAME! WOWWWWW I can emulate how many games cooollllllll !!!!. That was it I had to do it what ever the cost my obsession for retro gaming had taken me back to the 80's then I began to configure dmame v 70b, To start with I had to run games by typing commands in dos E.G c:\> dmame.exe pacman -soundcard1. This eventually got very tedious so my quest to find a cool front end lead me to ArcadeOS v 2.50. ArcadeOS was by far the best choice for my MAME project because it was so easy to configure ether by using EDIT in DOS or from the on screen menu's, At last I could simply select the game I wanted to play by using the curser keys and button 1 (no1)  the games ran well and I could escape the game back to the ArcadeOS games list menu!!

The next phase was the big red CLASSIC arcade cab that I purchased. I needed to install all the hardware and do all remedial work on wiring and extra cooling fans before I could continue............