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Ultimarc or (Ultimate Arcade Controls), Home of the J-Pac interface and Arcade VGA card that were used in my M.A.M.E cab project.

The J-Pac

The J-PAC has most of the inputs connected to it via an integral JAMMA edge connector and makes it easy to connect a standard JAMMA pre-wired cabinet by simply plugging the cabinet connector onto the board. The J-PAC also contains video circuitry for connecting the PC to the cabinet arcade monitor.

Besides amplifying the video level, the on-board video circuitry also synthesises composite sync from separate H-V sync from the VGA card. The J-PAC has a jumper which is set to the frequency that the monitor is designed for (most commonly 15Khz). The J-PAC will not pass the sync signal through unless it detects the signal is at the correct frequency for the monitor. Some older types of 15Khz monitor could be damaged if fed with a high sync rate. The J-PAC prevents this happening. If the sync rate is not in range, the monitor is still powered up and still has video passed to it but no damage can occur as the horizontal frequency cannot be driven too fast without any sync present. IMPORTANT: It is not a scan converter so you will have to configure the VGA card to send the correct sync rate for the monitor OR you can use our ArcadeVGA card which will drive a 15Khz monitor with no special configuration.



The Arcade VGA card

The Ultimate Video card for 15Khz Arcade Monitors
Connect your 15Khz arcade cabinet monitor to your PC with NO special configuration or special driver software in either DOS or Windows.